Campaign Priorities/Ways to Give

The successes of previous annual campaigns have allowed the Cody Recreation Foundation to enhance recreational opportunities within our community.  These gifts have enabled the Foundation to retire the construction loan for the Rec Center, assist with the continued replacement and additions of equipment as well as the addition of the steam room among other things.  Our community also has benefited from new programs at the Rec Center, enhancement of City Parks and continued additions and enhancements of bike and walking paths within our community.


The Cody Recreation Foundation will continue their mission with your generous gifts.

Categories of fund accounts:

Unrestricted Funds: Empower the foundation to take advantage of special opportunities and meet current needs such as the purchase of equipment for use throughout the Aquatic and Recreation Center.


Parks and Pathways: Used to enhance existing parks and pathways.


Scholarships: Are given to needy families or individuals who through our application process are eligible for programs and memberships to the Recreation Center.


Endowment Fund:  Support the future of the Cody Recreation Foundation and the programs it supports.  A minimum gist of $1,000 is required.


Guest Pass Bank:  Donated unexpired guest passes are given to individuals who are otherwise unable to enjoy the Recreation Center.


                                                      All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law