Community Projects

Recent successes achieved from contributions to the Cody Recreation Foundation.


There are as many as 20,000 visitors that walk in the Paul Stock Aquatic and Recreation Center on one month’s time. During the slow times there are 5,400 members of the Recreation Center using modern fitness equipment, playing basketball, swimming, or enjoying the steam room or hot tub. The center has added many new features including a new diving board and platform, improved ADA lift. Fundraising projects include the construction of “dry side”. The addition of a color fish waterslide for tots. The purchase of machines and equipment, new and improved safety in the pool area by installing a new floor system.


Parks and Pathways– The Parks and Pathways funds are used to enhance our city parks and increased bike-walking path systems.  These funds are also used to develop the exterior land surrounding the Cody Quad & to enhance existing land including Canal Park, amphitheater, wheel chair accessible trail, and the longest slide in Park County.


Scholarships –Scholarships are given to needy families or individuals who through our application process are eligible for programs and membership to the Recreation Center.


Endowment-The Foundation has worked diligently to enhance the facility and promote healthy living for all ages.  We appreciate your thoughtful consideration as we continue to grow our programs and benefits for the community.  Support the future of the Cody Recreation Foundation & the programs it supports.  A minimum gift of $1,000.00 is required.  The interest off of the endowed monies would be used to promote healthy living while the corpus would never be touched ensuring a stable source of income in the future for the facility, programs and equipment.


Guest Pass Bank: Donated unexpired yearly guest passes are given to individuals who are otherwise unable to enjoy the Recreation Center.