America’s greatest asset lies in its future generations. Help insure that our community will have quality recreation well into the next century.


As the Shoshone Recreation District moved into its second quarter century of service, it began to look for more innovative and efficient ways of expanding both the quality and quantity of its programs. After an extensive study conducted by the Wyoming Economic Development Association, it was recommended that the Cody area make an indoor recreation facility a top priority.  The study emphasized that greater investment should be made in “people” projects such as a local community center.


In 1999 the Shoshone Recreation District and the City of Cody embarked on a landmark project to meet the ever-growing needs of our children, teens, families and senior citizens.  The flagship of this project was the Paul Stock Aquatic Center.  The Paul Stock Foundation was granted a $7.1 million for the construction of the aquatic center and another $2 million for its maintenance.  The construction of the recreation center portion of this facility would be funded by a $2.8 million capital campaign.  A community-wide effort was launched to provide a better quality of life-and a legacy for the future-for our young people, adults and families.